• Educreations (Free) - Creating and sharing video lessons
  • Explain Everything ($2.99) - Creating dynamic interactive lessons, activities, assessments, and tutorials
  • instaGrok (Free) - An educational search engine for research that combines sophisticated semantic technology with an interactive user interface to make learning more engaging, personalized and fun for everyone.
  • Number Pieces (Free) - Representing multi-digit numbers, regroup, add, subtract, multiply, and divide
    • (Kristie) A neat iPad app with virtual base ten blocks that I used to review decomposing numbers (into ones, tens, hundreds). I found my students had difficulty coming up with different ways to break down a number and this seemed to help. The interface is extremely user-friendly. The students figures it out in about 2 minutes!
  • Solids elementary ($1.99)
    • (Karen) It is not free but I really like the visuals.
  • YourTeacher (Free)
    • (Kim) It has videos covering different topics in Math, and by grade level. Gives good examples on how to explain a topic through video and visuals. Might be using ideas to film my first flipped classroom!
  • Geoboards (Free)
  • Padlet (Free)new.gif
  • Plickers (Free)new.gif- A tool that teachers can collect real-time formative assessment data without the need for student devices
  • Kahoot (Free)new.gif

Websites (Math)

    • (Kim) This site is limited to 20 questions a day but practices multiple choice by subject level. There is a cost if you want to remove the 20-question limit.
    • (Kim) Older grades ages 13-100. This site is busy so you may want to check it out yourself first)
  • http://www.coolmath4kids
    • (Kim) Ages 3-12. For some games it is hard to see the math but a lot of the games are logic based
  • http://www.coolmath4teachers
    • (Kim) It is connected with the previous 2 websites. Click on "cool math games in the classroom" and it explains how it can be introduced to the class.
    • (Kim) For Elementary. Have them go to Math Games. May need to try a few games yourself to suggest the better ones for the kids.
    • (Kim) Students can choose grade level and need to sign in as new player. Then they return to a board game each time and can pick up where they left off. Could use some management with the younger grades to write down their codes
    • (Kim) There is a free version and a $$ version. Free version allows up to 60 students and never expires. Seems really good- best of the bunch I think. Set yourself up as a teacher, then you get your kids to create an account as a student, within your classroom. You'll be given a code to give to them. You can assign work and they choose topics out of a "textbook" by grade level. Each topic has activities ex: placing numbers on a number line. Seems to go up to grade 8. Will take more time to explore this weekend!)

Websites (Other)

  • Pickaface (
    • (Sarah) Students could create their own avatars for Edmodo. You email your picture to yourself when it's done then you can upload it.

Other resources